Florentine Meinshausen Consulting Services
Minervastr. 51
8032 Zurich
+41-78- 713 34 75
I am a senior expert in the field of organic, Fair Trade and other sustainability product certification and assurance systems. I work best in a challenging environment, developing novel solutions and new fields of business with the aim to tackle existing challenges and improve the sustainability of production and trade systems.  Work and life in Switzerland, the US and England as well as managing global certification programmes with a focus on smallholders in the global South, have deepened my understanding of different cultures and approaches to sustainability in world-wide supply chains.
Expertise in organic, fair trade, Ethical Trade / Social Compliance Standards and Assurance
Customized research and analysis services in sustainability assurance and sustainable sourcing for business strategy development
Development and Evaluation of corporate sustainable sourcing programmes
Evaluation and Support of Sustainability Labels and Standards
Standard setting and development of suitable assurance systems for sustainability schemes, e.g. according to the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice
Trainings in Sustainability Standards and Assurance Systems
16 years experience in international inspection, certification and quality management of sustainable production and trade standards in the food, beverages and cosmetics sector.
In-depth knowledge of the Organic and Fair Trade standards and certification as well as various Voluntary Sustainability Standards and Social Compliance Initiatives.
Evaluation and support of corporate fair, ethical and responsible sourcing programmes, e.g. The Body Shop Community Trade and Ethical Trade Programmes, Rapunzel Hand in Hand Programme, Teekanne Supplier Codex.
Programme Management: IMO Fair for Life Programme Manager for 10 years; Head of Innovations for 2 years; Head of organic certification for 5 years.
Standard development: main author of the Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Programme; consulting expert for the FairWild Standard and WFTO.
Senior Expert in internal control & management systems for smallholder producer groups and companies working with smallholder farmers supply chains.
Training Expert: development of training curriculums and guidance manuals.
Experienced trainer of auditors, producer groups and companies in various sustainability standards.
International expert: lived and worked in Austria, Switzerland, USA and the UK for several years ; internships in Sweden, Denmark, India; Collaboration and assignments world-wide.
Britta Wyss Bisang (Program Director, Utz certified):

Florentine is one of the most knowledgeable experts on standards and certification. Not only does she have a long-standing experience as practitioner in the field, auditing against a wide range of organic and social standards, she also played a crucial role in managing various accreditation processes and developing new certification tools and standards. She has brought her in-depth knowledge on smallholder farmer organisations, labour issues and fair trading practices into the development of IMO’s Fair for Life standard – and the success and acceptance of the standard certainly speaks for itself! And – equally important - Florentine is a strong-minded and at the same time warm person whose drive and energy is contagious!
Kerry Hughes (previous Director IMO-USA):

I only have the highest regard for Florentine. She is one of the most capable people I know. She is not only super intelligent and good at whatever she tackles, but she has the highest ethics. She was really the main brains and soul behind the development of the Fair for Life Fair Trade certification of IMO, which is the best Fair Trade certification on the market. I really think that she can change the world for the better through her work and dedication to finding meaningful solutions to the problems we face.
Rudi Dalvai, President of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

We have worked with Florentine in developing our new global Guarantee System and Fair Trade standard since 2011. We experienced her as a proactive, enthusiastic and extremely reliable person. Her outstanding expertise in Fair Trade, certification systems, internal monitoring systems and her ability to develop novel assurance approaches fine-tuned to our need as World Fair Trade Organisation were extremely valuable for designing and continuously improving our system.
ISEAL Independent Evaluator

Independent Evaluator for ISEAL, the global Alliance of leading credible sustainability standards. Evaluation of 5 ISEAL member organizations against the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice. Profile & more information
WFTO Standard and Guarantee System

After several years of developing a new Guarantee System for the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) for the needs for Fair Trade Organisations worldwide, I am now supporting them in updating their Fair Trade standard and Guarantee System manual and forms.
More information on the WFTO and their Guarantee System
Market Analysis and Research for strategy development

Supporting FLO-CERT in market analysis and research in Sustainability assurance.
Member of the FairWild Foundation Advisory Panel

More information on FairWild